Company Experience

BIOGEMA has fulfilled expert contracts on microbial damage and antimicrobial treatment for Acropolis monuments at Athens
Delos Antiquity Site
Brandenburger Tor, Berlin
Jewish Cemetaries and tomb-Stones at Berlin, Hannover and other cities
The Frescos of Wieskirche, Bavaria, Pilsum/Eilsum, Greene, and Wienhausen

BIOGEMA has worked in Brazil, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, and Russia

BIOGEMA has given expertise in cases of microbial contamination of cooling liquids in Quarries at Airbus production and desalinisation of water for Electrical and other Power Plants

BIOGEMA specialised with many expertises on contaminations in churches , castles and Museums

BIOGEMA has developed and applied various microtechniques and non-destructive sampling and analysis techniques and applies them routinely

BIOGEMA gives Seminars and courses on microbial infection, the organisms involved, techniques of study and prevention including health hazard problems.

Mario Latoschinski
Designer BIOGEMA-Site

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