BIOGEMA CONSULTING - protection of buildings and monuments

BIOGEMA is a well established MSE in material research and analysis specialising in building and monument protection

BIOGEMA is experted in microbial damage, biocorrosion, biodeterioration and alteration studies

BIOGEMA applies all techniques of microbiological, ecological and molecular analysis of surface dwelling biofilms

BIOGEMA offers a complex interdisciplinary approach including biological, chemical, geological , mineralogical and medical expertise

BIOGEMA enriches, isolates and characterise all micro-organisms occurring on and in materials of buildings and objects of the cultural heritage

BIOGEMA gives advice in all questions of biological health hazards related to inadequate insulation, dampness related mould, biocide applications and microbial allergens (including fast and reliable HPLC/MS analysis of mycotoxins)

BIOGEMA analyses rapidly for toxic substances adsorbed to materials and material surfaces

BIOGEMA possesses broad and long-term experience in recognition, reduction, elimination and prevention of microbial damage of materials using a broad variety of analytical and protective techniques

BIOGEMA has embracing experience in the testing and application of biocides and other preventive techniques against microbial growth and damage.

BIOGEMA offers advice to producers of building materials such as natural stone, concrete, roof tiles, insulation materials, paints in terms of prevention of microbial and mould growth

BIOGEMA gives advice to building material producers, construction companies, restorers, conservators since more than 20 years.

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