Inhibitors of Biofilm Damage on Mineral Materials

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BioDAM analyzes microbial biofilms on mineral surfaces
BioDAM introduces polyphasic treatment of biofilms
BioDAM supports sustainable conservation
BioDAM aims at reduction of environmental hazards
BioDAM reduces risk through biocide applications.

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BioDAM is active within the frame of the EU environment programme to safeguard movable and immovable cultural heritage. BioDAM develops a polyphasic approach to inhibit detrimental growth of biodeteriorative and unaesthetic biofilms. The combination of (1) biocides with (2) permeabilizers, (3) special slime (EPS) blockers, (4) pigment inhibitors, and (5) photodynamic treatments turned out as a future conservation tool. The technique now is under extended field tests. Special targeted compounds, combined with photodynamic activation represent a very attractive alternative to costly and environmentally hazardous biocide applications used until now in many monuments worldwide. The dissemination of the results is organised via the project partners and by a book available through Historic Scotland, Edinburgh. Polyphasic photodynamic biofilm elimination and prevention belongs to a set of modern techniques for intelligent material surface equipment.

BioDAM develops Technologies of the Future
for the Preservation of our Past.

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