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wek Life was meant to be lived and curiosity must be kept alive. One must never, for whatever reason, turn his back on life. The Autobiography of Eleanore Roosevelt (1961)

earth The chemical composition and mechanical behaviour of land masses, the movement of continents, as well as vertical and horizontal formation, deformation and movement of physically denser parts of the crust is a phenomenon and outcome of life processes on Earth. The living film constantly traps and transforms solar energy into chemical differences stored in the crust. The energy content of the crust of planet Earth thus changes and is powered by sun energy captured for geological periods of time within crust and upper mantle. Approximately 10% of the Earth are under control of living matter channelling atoms, ions and compounds from the living to the inert (unanimated) state and vice versa.

A model of sun driven top-down geotectonics (platonics) instead of the presently common view of bottom-up geomorphogenesis (plutonics) is presented (Anderson, 2006, Krumbein, 2006).

Robert Mayer viewed the action of life as catching sunlight in the flight and transforming it into useful chemical differences, Goethe incorporated humankind terming the processes as Wahlverwandtschaften.


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